Heavy Duty 20 ton Off Road Dump Trailer

heavy duty 20 ton farm dump trailer
  • ¼” plate steel floor and sides bent as one pan
  • Optional Silver slide 3/8 plastic liner.
  • QT 400 abrasion resistance floor.
  • 3” x 4” x .188 tube top rail.
  • 3/16 plate steel tailgate on hydraulic arms that extend 3.5 feet above side walls when in open position.
  • Uni body construction on long sills welded to floor.
  • 10” x 4” x .250 tube main frame and tongue.
  • Swivel clevis or pintle ring hitch.
  • Heavy duty European style telescopic cylinders connected to the trailer frame with a trunnion and to the box on a swivel ball. To help protect seals when dumping on uneven ground.
  • Hydraulic brakes on one axle. (brakes on both axles are an optional.)
  • LED tail lights.
  • Cushion ride hitch.
  • Removable hitch.
  • Spring suspension on a walking beam 20 ton capacity.
  • All seams and post are 100% welded.
  • 88” to the top of box from ground,
  • 19ft 6” to top of box in dump position.
  • 60 degrees dump angle.
  • Trailer weighs 9100 lbs.
  • 16 ply 550/60-22.5 Tires on 10 bolt wheels. 12000 lb per tire load rating.
  • Optional 700/50/22.5 tires.
  • Pockets in side for extensions.
  • Built in grain chute.
  • 12000 lb drop leg trailer jack.
  • 360 cubic foot box without board extensions and 480 cubic feet with board extensions.
  • 20% of the load is on the tractor hitch when you have an even load.
  • Chemical washed, metal treatment and primer, Painted cat yellow. (test results have shown that this metal treatment/primer to be superior to powder coat in chip and corrosion resistance.)

Delivery available throughout Canada and USA