‪16 Ton Off Road Dump Trailer‬

16 Ton Farm Dump Trailer

16 ton Farm or Construction Dump Trailer Manufactured by Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing Inc.

  • 8 bolt hub and 12000 lb spindle and hub load rating
  • 3” replaceable spindles
  • 7.5 ft wide x 16 ft. long x 5 ft. high.
  • 8”x 4” x 1/4’” tube main frame.
  • 3/16” formed long sills welded 100% to the floor.
  • 1/4” plate floor bent with the sides as one pan.
  • 12000 lb drop leg trailer jack.
  • Swivel clevis style hitch.
  • Hydraulic tailgate that lift 40” above sides when open.
  • Grain chute in tailgate.
  • Tail lights and reflective tape.
  • 4” channel post.
  • 3x4x.188 tube top railing
  • 55 degree dump angle.
  • 11 cubic yard capacity without the board extensions.
  • With the board extension it has a 15 cubic yard capacity.
  • Sealed beam tail lights and reflectors.
  • Telescopic front mount hoist.
  • Available with the underbody telescopic hoist with swivel head and pivot truniun for flexibility which is easier on cylinder seals
  • Chemical wash, automotive type metal treatment and primer, top coat with your choice of colour.
  • Test results have shown that this automotive grade metal treatment and primer is superior to powder coating in chip and corrosion resistance.
  • Optional 500/50/17 tires with a 9900 lb per tire load rating.